What do we do?


Scientific software development.


Versatile R&D problem solving.

Data Analytics

Data science models.

OS X and iOS

Native app development.

Who's behind Exciton Labs?

Exciton Labs is the home of Daniel Farrell PhD a Physicist and Python Developer. Daniel specialises in scientific software development and works with scientific orientated start-ups and businesses to bring R&D projects to market.

With over 10 years experience working in top research universities Daniel has expertise in many areas relevant to product development including optics, wave-guides, semiconductor devices, simulation and modelling.

Daniel has 8 years development experience in the Python programming language. He has developed core numerical algorithms, data-science models, optical simulations (ray-tracing and wave-optics) and numerical optimisation with local and global solvers for inverse problems. He has also developed large user-interface driven application and is familiar with industrial automation.


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